Saturday, December 26, 2009

A day to remember in your life...

The day that I remember the most of all, was somewhere around the summer of 04.
What happened that day, was me having an accident, while I was crossing the road to catch Al-Eisha prayer, I was with my friends playing around with our bikes, so we decided to go to the mosque so we can pray Al-Eish'a, while crossing when the light was red for the traffic and green for us to cross, I crossed first but while I was crossing the third lane, I saw a bright light on my left, and all i can remember is my bike thrown to about 30 meters away from me and me landing on the rare glass, and falling down the hood down to the street, while bleeding all over my face.

At that time I didn't realize what happened to me, but I saw the driver carrying me and taking me to the hospital, what's really weird that I was still conscious, so when we reached the hospital and started to walk to the ER, I see people in the entrance pointing at me and looking scared, and all I could see was red things all around me, because my face was covered with blood and it was spilling down to the floor.

At the ER I got all my wounds and scars sawed it was really painful, after a while my friends arrived there, then shortly after my parents arrived, and my mom was praying for me, and she was all cried out, because of what happened to me, but thank-God, I was all fine except for the scars that were all around my eye(which you can probably still see all over my face, lol), I stayed in the hospital for about a week, I received so many gifts and get-well cards, and so many people that I knew and I don't visited me, It was really great to have some people around me, to be there for me when I'm depressed or frustrated.

After I was out of hospital, I couldn't walk for a while, because my leg was broken, and it took me a good while to walk normally again, during that time I kept remembering how god gave me a second chance, and it wasn't my name yet, that's why I'm trying to cherish everyday, cause you never know what or when you're gonna lose someone close to you, who knows that person might be you, all you can do is just be thankful to God for every moment that you're having. I'd like to quote a line from Alicia Keys's song where she says:"I don't want to forget the present is a gift, and I don't want to take for granted the time you may have here with me, cause Lord only knows another day here's not really guaranteed."

Bank of the Nile in 1960

We're looking at the bank of the Nile during it's early 1960's, where we can see some people during their daily jobs and some importing and exporting boats that are sailing on the Nile and also some ferries, basically how are people living around the area of the Nile, which has a really rich soil and amazing planting and shepherding movements in all of Africa.

Is the sun shining? I don't think the sun is shining in that picture, seems more like it's during the early hours of dawn, maybe an he before sun rises, yes the shine usually shines during April in Omdurman almost everyday, It's very hot during April as its the beginning of Summer here in Sudan, yes, it looks like the men on the left started cutting the tree with a saw, doesn't seem live they've finished cutting it down yet, the water carrier got his water from the Nile, I believe, and seems to take it to his home for him and his family needs.

The merchant with the sunshades seems to be talking with a client or doing some kind of deal? it's not really clear what he's doing or trying to do, looks like he came in a car, I'm assuming that, because, I see him with some shades on, looks like his assistant did it for him, looks like he's asking some people to got some stuff from his car to the shop?

The plane hasn't landed yet, but it seems like it's close to the airport, the ferry doesn't looks like it reached its destination yet, seems like it's going to the shore, the boat that's close to the bank of the Nile.

Don't really recall going there, yes I'm definitely considering going there sometime after my semester is over, a bunch of friends would be really great, I think it's great to visit it as we're gonna get to know more of our lovely country, well, I haven't been there so I wouldn't know what's changed, but I'm sure through all these years a lot has changed, hopefully, I'll get to see what's going on there soon.

PS: I really don't know if I did week7's assignment right or wrong, there's nothing clear in that picture, maybe if it was a video, it would've been better, oh well, I tried my best, hope I did it right, but I think my classmates are gonna have a hard time doing this, but I'll be glad to help them, as long as it doesn't get tiring =p.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My mobile

I use Nokia 5610 Xpress Music, it's been out for over a year now, I bought it last summer, when I was in vacation in U.A.E., and since then it's been with me, I like it cause it has so many applications in it, and a good backup software, I also use it as an alarm and a notpad.
Here's a picture for you :

I use MTN chip, because its cheaper and better than the others and also contains many offers and surprises for the clients, I've been using the same chip for 2 years now, and every time it expires I renew it, that's how much I like MTN, other than that, I charge about 30 SDG per a week, it covers all my text messages and calls, I mainly got calls in the night, especially on Thursday because that's when my friends like to hang out, but I almost get more than 5 calls daily, depends on the day, and my mood, I also get calls from my father who still works in U.A.E., and my old school mates back there,
I think using the mobile for a long period of time causes some health problems and side effects, I've got headaches from using the mobile's headsets a lot, and I've also had some back pains from laying on bed for long periods of time and talking on the phone.
Last but not the least,I'd like to talk about how teenagers abuse some mobile features such as gallery option, they fill it with some useless stuff such as songs, and some explicit videos or sound recordings, and some of them use the blue tooth to get other people's numbers sometimes even girl's numbers, which in case is what most of them do.
I Advice them to use the mobile wisely and without being reckless or not thinking about the consequences of that, because whatever god gave us can be gone in a second, and like they say"you never know what you got until it's gone".

My Eid holiday

2 Weeks ago every Muslim celebrated Eid Al Adha, which was on the 27th of Nov, myself after praying Al Fajr prayer, I headed to Muls'a for Eid prayers, after we were done praying we got a butcher to slay the sheep, I stood with the guy until he was done, later on my mom cooked some delicious meat and BBQ, while she was cooking my uncles and aunts came over for breakfast, and we all had some great time chatting and eating breakfast, after that we went to Al Jum'a prayer, and came back took some nap, woke up at like 4 P.M., went to visit some relatives and congratulate them and greet them, came back at night and slept early, next day me and some of my friends took a bus to Afra Mall, which is located in Al Khartoum and had some fun over there and has some nice lunch noon time, and came back home dead tired, the third day, I was revising last week's lecture so i could memorize some of what I took, since Eid erased everything that's related to school, lol.
And that's how I spent my holiday, how about you?!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Favorite place

I'd like to talk about my favorite place today which is my hometown back in U.A.E which is Sharjah that lies in the center of the United Arab Emirates, and its considered a gateway to the southern and northern emirates, Sharjah's history goes back to the early 1970's it was a well known place before most of the Emirates, As the emirates united together it became more famous and famous, and now its one of the top Emirates in the United Arab Emirates, and its the most religious one of them where no strippers are allowed and baggy pants aren't allowed anywhere, and if Police caught you wearing them you're gonna get arrested and they're gonna have to contact your parents to collect you from the crime scene, It's 7 km away from the most famous Emirate (Dubai) , there are almost no borders between them, so it's really easy to get to Dubai from Sharjah and vice verse.
I really recommend you to visit it if you ever got the chance to visit the United Arab Emirates.
Thanks for taking the time to read this, totally appreciated [x.

How do I use the internet

Hi again,
Ugh, I use the internet in many different ways, but mostly for learning/entertaining purposes
I mainly use it to download songs, music and movies. I also play some online games such as; Maplestory, World of Warcraft if anyone heard about them they're really good games with great communicating environment, where you can chat with people across the world, I use the internet to watch hell of interesting stuff around the world or read about them, I also enjoy reading facts from the web site : It's one of my favorite sites, I've met many great and interesting people around the world, I've even called some of them, it's an awesome experience, last but not the least internet is definitely one of the best inventions the world ever had.

About me

My names Abdullah, I'm 19 years old, I live in Omdurman.
I definitely hate Sudan and I'd rather live in U.A.E just like how I used to for
the past 18 years, but since some circumstances came up, I gotta stay here until
I'm done with college, hopefully I'll go back when I'm done with my studies.
I've studied in an American school since kindergarten till 8th grade then switched to a public Arabic school, it was really great having mixture of both of them.
Anyway, just wanted to holla at y'all.